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Meet the Team

Our team looks after the day-to-day operation of Talk About and we’re all committed to giving our best. We come from different industries, backgrounds and stages in our careers. Supported by our contributors, we bring a wide range of skills to take Talk About to the next level.

Our team

Venandah Madanhi
Chief Executive Officer

I am the founder of Talk About, a future Trainee Solicitor and an Engagement Consultant. I am passionate about business and generating social progress. I was the youngest person on Birmingham’s inaugural Top 30 Under 30 list, ranked 6 in the Future Leaders annual publication and an accredited Youth Voice Award winner.

Nour Arqub
Head of Content

I’m a second year law student, responsible for the network of contributors at Talk About. Though I avidly enjoy new experiences and adventures, ultimately, my aim is to amplify the voices of those who aren’t heard and help as many people as I can.

Chief Operations Officer
I have been with Talk About since the summer of 2019. In addition to working at Talk About I lead a participation project for young people. I strive hard to improve my skill sets in ways that benefit the public. Some of my hobbies are to code and sew.
Hannah Lindup
Digital Lead

I graduated in criminology and now work in marketing and communications, having originally trained as a fraud investigator. In my spare time I run a small photography business and enjoy music, art and politics. While at uni I sat on the committee at Nightline, leading to a passion for mental health and suicide prevention.

Jessica Kelly
Heads of Marketing

In my spare time I am currently attempting to train for a half marathon! I also love hiking and going to music festivals.

Yosi Brako
Engagement Lead

I am an Engineering graduate from the University of Warwick. I have a passion for entrepreneurship and digital marketing. In my spare time I produce an Anime Youtube channel and podcast.

Emma Birch
Head of Events

In my spare time I like to walk my dogs, listen to podcasts and play board games. I am a lover of all things vintage hence my collection of vinyls. I also love to cook with my friends and family.

Sam Darley
I’m an aspiring video editor, music producer and lighting engineer. As Talk About’s Producer, I produce a range of content and shows. One of them is our Talk About Friday Night Live show which we stream live bi-weekly.

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